My first self cooked lunch

Today, I did something odd in making my own lunch, and actually cooked. Needless to say, I generally don’t cook in my mother’s kitchen if I can help it, but this time I got hungry…lol.

I warmed up a left over salisbury steak and cut it up into pieces and a slice. Then I mixed up three eggs to make in a pan, trying to get all the liquid to cook reasonably solid and spread out; flipped it over and pressed it a little and let it cook. Mushed some bits of the salisbury steak and folded it over, and pressed it for a bit, flipped & repeated. In retrospect, I really should’ve added some pepper for flavour and bits of cheese to bind the meat together.

For the sandwich, I put mushed bits of the meat on, layed by a slice of cheese, the slice of meat, another slice of cheese, and more mushed bits. Not sure if only buttering the pan-facing sides was smart but I loved how it came out, and decided to burn one side a little bit, just to make sure it would be strong enough with so much inside. I loved how that sandwich came out xD.

Generally I’ll make do with left overs or make a normal sandwich, it’s just the most safe way to avoid dealing with the parental  unit. In this case though it worked well enough (Y).