I’ve read my first bit of Lovecraft today, in the form of a “The Tomb”, a quaint tale that gives cause to question the narrators sanity or our reality; that or I just think to much! That puts me about 1% through The Complete Works of H.P. Lovecraft according to the Amazon Kindle app on Andera. So far, I think I’m going to like these,  and along with the games and various development tools on my tablet (and my jot), should help pass the long flights I have coming up after Christmas.

Hmm, that was about 160 some screens by my arithmetic,  which should translate to maybe 50’ish pages in a real hard cover book; going by the standardesque side for a novel anyway. Most are short stories as well, so it sounds like the stories should be a good fit for my current life style. One that sadly, doesn’t seem to find room for that many good novels :-(. I’ve always had an avaricious taste for reading, but the fluctuations of time and money over the last lustrum, have been rather, light. I don’t really have any shelf space left either, so aquiring new (from my perpective) books is best done in electonic form.

Can’t say that I will ever appreciate the feel of a computer as much as a real concreate book in hand, but I will admit: for cost, space and travel reasons. It’s a damn good idea. As much as I like the idea of digital copies though, I do not look forward to a world without “Traditional” books in it. Yeah, so what if I’ll probably belong in a mausoelum by the time I’m legally an old fart. I like sitting with a book in hand!