A Day Made of Glass 2: Unpacked. The Story Behind Corning’s Vision.

This really is our future, although I expect it will be over 100 years before it can be fully realised, perhaps closer to the year 3000.
  • The tablet already exists and recently has reached a point where this is practical in the near term
  • Cars with such displays are already in progress, although it will likely be within the next 20 years or more before this becomes the universal normal—like power windows and locks. Damn, I still remember manual everything.
  • Being able to so seamlessly transition between closet doors, class room walls, etc is the Jetsons of the mobile software world….I long for it.
  • The glass room, is the Jetsons of todays digital work flow.
  • This is what the first world will look like someday, if we don’t nuke ourselves back into the dark ages first.