Tales from the debugging session: I hate you

This week, I finally wrapped up an annoying bug that basically is a heisenbug at heart, that pretty much lead me to use shotgun debugging to trap the problem, and once I found it’s control flow, I stimulated it with something like this:

try {

    // block of code under test

} catch(ugh) {

    alert("I hate you!");


And gradually reduced the block size until I found where the code was, fixed it to not make Firefox 9.0.1 croak at the old code. Then I committed it and marked the bug accordingly in our tracker.

Then when I was shutting down to leave work, my team leader IM’s me….oopsie, it turns out that I forgot to remove my “Affection” for Mozilla before commiting! I’m really glad that my boss has a sense of humour, and I think I was laughing for at least 45 minutes……lol.