Well, updates to the previous; and a little numerical data:

G+ posts since my last Blogger post: 16.

In thinking more thoroughly about the subject, G+ has one large-scale lacking: no pre-formatted code blocks. While I can live with the available formatting capabilities otherwise, ahem, I tend to post a lot of formatted examples: source code, program output, etc. A fair bit of semi-formatted output such as quotations and lyrics as well.

The simple fact remains, however that my G+ is apart of my journal.

One possible solution:

  • Program blog.spidey01.com to point to a “Special” page.
    • Display posts from G+ and link to the entry for commenting/etc.
    • Display posts from Blogger and link to the entry for commenting/etc.
    • Similar technology could be used (and maybe marketed, hehe) for Twitter/Facebook crap, if people wanted to pay or write it.
  • Update spidey01.blogspot.com with a note to such effect.
    • Redirect tech might even be leveragable for this, given the domain stuff already in use.
  • Write a custom client for updating Blogger, with an automated reshare to G+ or a demon that auto-shares my blog posts.

That would achieve the same end goal, more or less.