Seen “The Wolf’s Call” on Netflix yet?

If the concept of nuclear weapons doesn’t terrify you: ballistic missile submarines should terrify the living shit out of you. That makes for a decent psychological horror film at sea.

The Wolf’s Call, I think represents either a spectacular binding of pieces gone wrong or an overly daft view of our world. Or should I say, I’d like to think people a little less trigger happy about issuing the order to end the world. The film deals with the implications of a nuclear power being manipulated into retaliation against another. An act that would eventually kick off a potential end of the world scenario–A trap that we hope no one fool enough to fall into so easily.

But it does capture the fact that the SSBN is the most effective means of bringing Armageddon upon the world.

Not so familiar with the French Marine Nationale but America and Russia have enough ballistic missile submarines that I’d say, “Good damned luck tracking them all” even if you had the means our Navy does. Even if you could fell an entire country: you would be long holding your breath waiting for the mushrooms to sprout. As a form of mutually assured destruction I think a sizable SSBN fleet takes it to a near ultimate form.

And if you forget the value of reason, the sanctity of life, those who remain silent under the sea shall rain death upon us all.

I for one would like to believe most people would think a lot more than twice about invoking such a launch. Because even if people are dicks or fools they usually want to live longer than their enemy.