Earning my duntz cap award for the year, I’m not sure what bothered me more. That most of my first aid kit is probably dated between 1980 and 1990 or that I was out of all purpose flour.

Couple minutes after reaching into a nearly entry can and thinking “Gee, I should know better”, my one for the year was achieved. Always reach for a spoon or something instead. Fortunately dinner was not bloodied in the process and the wound settled down by the time I finished eating and changed the bandaid.

Also note to self: don’t bother checking that first aid case unless you need a dressing big enough to wrap in duct tape. On the flip side, if more than Neosporin and a bandaid is required it’d probably be time for a medic.

In my case trying to stop the bleeding was making me wish for a stypic powder. Which I suppose in this day and age has been replaced by Neosporin and the like unless you’ve got fur or feathers.

Now if only knowing better didn’t mean I sometimes so stupid things 😂.