Every now and then my Google News feed shows me entries from local sources, including one that tends to have a “What’s going on this weekend” with events in the county. Usually the things listed tend to lean in the direction of live music and cold beer or family friendly movie viewings. Seeing a blurb that “The Heiress” is supposed to be running at New Dawn Theater Company Duluth was a surprise.

Reminds me that I’ve always had a soft spot for that story. Over the years of watching TCM with my mother, I was introduced to quite a few good films. The ’40s and ’90s adaptations of Washington Square included.

In fact, if memory serves when I learned of Project Gutenberg, I think the first books I downloaded were probably The Count of Monte Cristo and Washington Square. Because I’m odd, and many of the other books I wanted to search for at that time probably originated in latin 😲.