Comparison of technology:

Where I come from:

  • Have “alarm sound I want.ogg”
  • Send to Android via {Bluetooth or cloud thing or usb or thousand different ways}
  • Stick in Alarms folder.
  • Oh, cool the whole OS knows that’s an alarm tone!
Where I am going:
  • Have “alarm sound I want.ogg”
  • ffmpeg -i “alarm sound I want.ogg” -acodec aac “alarm sound I want.m4a”
  • Ahh fsck, I may as well install iTunes.
Of course if I was a normal asshole, I’d just put my alarms on my phone like everyone else. As opposed to my tablet. But hey, who said I am both normal and an asshole? 😜

As for Apple’s part in this, their side of this was really simple and straightforward. Give or take feeling like I just teleported more than a decade back in time to the stone age of needing a wire to transfer files. At least USB-C is thinner than my null modem cable.