Passing thought: in a more perfect world, Apple’s AirDrop and Microsoft’s Nearby Sharing would probably have some kind of interoperability. ‘Cuz at this point: why not?

For most of the rest of us used to heterogeneous more than homogeneous environments, these were never going to be our solutions to the problem anyway. But I find it kinda funny how that works, which is usually incompatibile solutions to the same problem and hardly a standard between them.

Despite how typical solutions work out, I’m also kinda glad for the flexibility. My first choice for solving this for a very, very, very long time now has generally been network file shares, be it between peers or my own file server. With the passing of time the options have only grown, and the amount of devices that call for cables or cursing the lack of Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Direct have shrunk.

It’s probably funny that I consider e-mailing myself the lowest, most insulting way to move a file around but I’ll actually Bluetooth a file without a quip. I’m strange.