iPads, flash drives, and VLC, oh my!

A simple round of experimentation.

Loaded one of my flash drives with a nice collection of video files from my anime collection, to serve as a portable cache. There’s usually several forms of flash media in my tablet sleeve, alongside a super speed USB-C to USB-A adapter; so proper spot ^_^.

The Files app is content enough to open my Matroska (.mkv) files in VLC, and might be more video aware if I had gone with MPEG-4 containers. VLC is happy enough to do what I want, which is to play my files and have enough feature completeness that I can choose which audio and video streams to decode.

Probably due to running from USB media, it doesn’t seem to be able to use my m3u8 / vlc playlists. But I can’t say that I mind that very much, since I rarely use video playlists when I’m more mobile than Plex to my Fire TVs.

One of the negatives I’ve heard of VLC is its library management, which is kind of expected but quizical. VLC is a superb video player, and easier to teach mortals than how to run MPlayer. But it’s never been meant to manage libraries of media files; much like iOS was never really meant to manage sharing directories between apps. Over in Android land, I usually opted to use Samsung’s vidoe player and Solid Explorer, but I’m weird :P.