Wave of passing thoughts

As I sit here, a wave of thoughts pass through my mind.

For one, I’ve owned flash drives with less capacity than the download size of nVidia’s drivers. As I sit here with my iPad, I think my desktop is unpacking and installing a 570+ meg download.

Cream reminds me, of how nice it would be if machines didn’t hang on reboot. Centauri actually does the same but less frequently, and Intel’s errata sheet can kiss my hairy ass.

Being smart would mean cycling the dishwasher instead of messing with my iPad while I’m waiting for the driver update to finish.

And if there’s really any good reason to prefer the K380 I use at work to the K810 I use at home, it’s the tweaking of the modifier keys from PC to Mac style. I assume the keyboard’s microcontroller just shifts its keymap when the active device has an Apple identifier; when my K810 came out the solution was buy a different model. Also helps that the K380 is almost cheap enough to use as a Frisbee compared to my K810, which more like pulling teeth when I bought it for the multiswitch capabilities.

Evernote’s release engineering often comes with entertaining release notes. I really like that they have a sense of humour.

It’s quite possible that the next time I have good reason to buy a monitor, 1080p60 Full High Definition will look like a VHS tape. Or that /dev/desk will have been taken over the rest of the way by my tablet, and I wouldn’t mind if it was a display with a Chromecast or AirPlay function built in.

Hmm, it’s been 5~6 years. I really do hope this Asus monitor makes like it’s forebears, which are more like ~10 for my first LCD screen (an old LG Flattron) and filed under “Won’t ask, Don’t want to know” for the last tube monitor I owned, lol.

Ahh, well, time to move my fat ass again 8-).