Random factoid, but I find it surprisingly easy to read an analog clock.

I remember learning how the analog clock face works somewhere around kindergarten or so. But the caveat was my brother couldn’t read analog, and even as a child I had a measure of love for precision.  When you consider my brother is a decade my senior that might be a little sad. But that’s how it was.

Growing up at a point in time where the heights of coolness was probably a Casio Databank and alarm clocks that could wake you up with radio, that situation pretty much ensured that digital clocks dominated in my family because they were idiot proof. Also who didn’t want a portable calculator back then? 🤪

Thus most of my need for dealing with clock faces has been in giving directions, whenever my head’s translation table between port/starboard -> left/right isn’t sufficient. Despite how dusty the part of my brain where this is recorded must be, it’s still a functioning piece of grey matter.

I’d also like to think by now, my older brother can read an analog clock worth a fart…. since it was about twenty five years ago that I learned how.