First world problems: temptations.

Part one of the first season of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime is available for a really good price, right now. Which is to say about 50% off the original pricing, or about what it should actually cost, lol. And that puts it in the same price range of season two of Is This a Zombie?, one of my favourite series.

Both will eventually join my Blu-ray collection if I have anything to say about the next ten years, and the latter is one of the leading ideas of what Christmas time is going to look like.

Thus the trade off problem: that the latter will continue to be available at the usual price versus the former won’t float up to “Ugh, that sucks” pricing, before I finally can pull the trigger. And this is part of why budgets are depressing things o/. Actually, thinking about the definition of ugh pricing jacks makes me remember: better off getting one of my favourite series off eBay. Because through “Regular” channels like Amazon has too many digits to it, and as years go by even the original publisher isn’t a good source. SMH.

On a positive side, my very strong aversion to dust collectors and nick knacks means decorating my home didn’t involve a decade of debt, so much as stuff that’s been in my family since before I was born, lol. This does of course, not prevent me from having to dust stuff once in a while. Yeah, let’s not think about that.