3M Laptop Stand, Raise Screen Height to Reduce Neck Strain, Vertical Design Allows You to Bring Screen Closer, Compact Foot Print Saves Desk Space, Non-Skid Base Keeps Laptop Secure, Black (LX550)

This might actually be what I’ve been looking for.

Ordinarily, my workspace looks like this:

laptop | monitor | tablet

And frequently my mouse pad is closer to the monitor with my keyboard shifted a bit to the left. Making it easier to access my tablet and shift its and my position as I work.

But a 14″ Latitude is kinda chunky and takes up a lot of bench space. Along with being too short and far away from my peepers to really use as a second monitor without crowding my Bluetooth keyboard. So, I’ve been thinking of late how nice it would be if I could open the system and elevate it closer to the vertical.

Such that the laptop would effectively be optimized for use as a secondary monitor rather than for using the keyboard and touchpad. Because let’s face it: I’ve got externals for that, and prefer it that way when docked.

Otherwise, I may as well just shut the lid and slide it out of the way; for the time being it’s mostly serving as a keeping-tabs workspace rather than a working monitor. E.g. I’ll leave a terminal there that I’m waiting for a long program to finish running, or for a summary of incoming mail. And then do everything on my external monitor, that’s better positioned; or on my tablet that’s more portable.