Working on my notes for tomorrow’s yet-another-meeting, I can’t help but find it curious how things have changed a bit.

Fifteen years ago when I got a laptop: notes were usually a sub directory in $HOME, pointed at removable media. Until the USB stick got bent, and then it was mostly just on my laptop.

Today, I don’t even use removable media much, aside from loading hardware via USB or backing up my laptop to a USB drive. My notes live else where. Most of my files live else where. The concept is still the same: destruction of my computer, the real loss is the hardware, not the data. But the way I interact with that data has evolved.

Also whoever decided to make the share this text selection menu be 90% permanently offscreen when it spans a few pages, can go eat an Apple.

This reminds me, I should put the monthly backup the entire shebang on my task list for the holidays.