Breezey rain

For the most part, Willow doesn’t notice when it’s raining outside. She is kind of like me: unless the whole building is shaking from the thunderbolt, she’s probably not phased. Which is quite a contrast to little Misty, who will start hiding or jump on your head when storms get bad.

Going out for a walk is also essential to Willow’s mental health, so this creates a dilemma. Over the years: I’ve decided it is better to let her see for herself that it’s raining too hard for a walk rather than deny her. How that works out is usually like this:

  1. Willow sees it’s raining at one end of the breeze way.
  2. Willow sees it’s raining at the other end of the breeze way.
  3. Willow looks at me, and then comes back inside.
  4. Misty wonders if it’s her turn, as she looks at us both.
  5. Corky wonders where we went.
I’m kind of glad that Willow is smart enough to admit, inside is better than running back and forth down the breeze way, checking if the rain has stopped, lol.