The 10 Best Shojo Anime Couples Of The Decade That Represent True Love

Coincidentally, all of these series are worth watching. Especially if like me, you have a broad taste in anime instead of a hard genre filter.

10, 9, 7, and 1 would probably be good gauges of whether you’ll enjoy or throw up, as far as the genre goes as a concept. If you’re asleep by the end of 10, or have no care about the characters in 9 by the middle, you’ll probably want to tune out the shojo bin altogether. If you enjoyed, there’s plenty, and more than a few good laughs to be found.

I remember when I started watching 8, wondering if it would be a waste of my time or worth while. I chuckled often enough to enjoy the series quite a bit. The episode: “MomotarĊ made mo Meido-sama”, especially was fun. Misaki and Usui’s antics are usually amusing but that was a bit off the deepend, and very well played IMHO. The entire series kind of reminds me of Shakephere’s The Taming of the Shew, and is probably as over the top as the film adaption of that back in the ’60s. I for one enjoyed both Maid Sama and The Taming of the Shrew, but I’m strange.

5 and 4 are surprisingly good series. My Little Monster’s execution gives it broader appeal than most on the list, and is flibbin’ funny. Especially if you’ve ever known some strange people or cackled at the social interactions of your friends. 4 on the other hand is decidedly a candy series. There’s enough to Takeo’s story to keep us awake and chuckling, and enough to firmly cement it in such a list. Personally, I like that the series solved the most important issue rapidly, and moved on to what follows, rather than stretching it out across a zillion episodes. Did I mention how much I chuckled at Ore Monogatari? It’s also filled with good moments like Takeo’s date with the burning building, and him chucking his buddy up a Christmas tree.

3 is like 5 in a broader appeal. In particular it’s entertaining if Shirayuki is the kind of character you like, or you’ll be well amused by Zen’s cohorts. Or have a soft spot for the setting. The first season is a good jumping off point.

2 is a series that should probably be considered essential anime watching. In fact, I am pretty damned sure this rock would be a far better planet if we had more people like Tohru in it. Don’t think Fruits Basket is your cup of tea? Watch it. Don’t like Shojo series? Watch it anyway.

Kuronuma Sawako is a character that I particularly like, and made the notable characters section of my own anime worth remembering her. Her nature is just kind of awesome, and I freaking love how the animation shifts when she’s flustered–that tickles my inner cartoon lover, as well as my funny bone. #1 has plenty that makes it worth watching, and plenty that makes it worth smacking someone with a rubber hose, but by in large can be enjoyed for its characters and the way they comedically frail about as the plot is stretched towards the horizon. You should watch at least as far as the Ayane and Chizuru arc before writing it off, or deciding to watch the rest.