The way furry family works around here

Had shifted to the couch because Willow as getting antsy, and I kind of agree with her about me spending too much time at my desk in the lair. Ended up with three comfy dogs, with Corky sitting on my arm and slobbering it while the other two napped along side.

Work called, so I needed to sort a few things remotely, after extricating my arm for dog slobber. Ended up with one dog next to my foot, and two over on the bed. Willow being sprawled out and comfy while I resolved the work matter.

For the most part: Misty and Corky choose to be where they like and periodically come by if I’m not there. Or in Misty’s case, paws my chair wanting to be picked up rather than sitting on the bed next to me. Willow on the other hand will usually follow me. If I change rooms, she’ll typically follow once she notices that I’ve been gone more than a few minutes.

Sometimes, I kind of feel bad for how often Willow ends up walking back and forth when I’m doing something that causes me to shift between rooms; e.g. kitchen, living room, and bedroom. But I do appreciate the company ❤🐕❤