Given the difference between how willing Misty is taking her pain tablet, versus the dropper of antibotics, I can only assume the key is flavor. Surely someone making medicines for dogs will have figured out a way to make the taste non-horribad.

Much like how the Flintstone’s vitamins my mother gave me as a young child, had a taste much closer to candy than shoe leather.

Which is also kind of a relief. I remember Coco, when she was alive, was a nightmare to give a pill. For a while she had been on a med, and we quickly came to the conclusion that if there was a way for her to spit it out twenty minutes later, she would, so you basically had to pry her jaws open and shove it down her throat. By contrast getting Misty to take her pain med, a little pressure towards the tongue and she crunches it almost like a treat.

I’m also left wondering if dogs have less pain reception in their mouths, or if I’m just more easily disturbed. Misty’s definitely recovering better than I did, from a similar bout of dental fun times nearly a decade ago.