Progress, probably

Passing thought on browsing the World Wide Web:

In the ‘90s my greatest bane was pop up ads and file transfers.

In the ‘00s my greatest bane was browser plugins and crashes.

In the ‘10s my greatest bane was cookie notices and on boarding.

As the ‘20s begin, I would like to think this is progress as far as getting pissed off at surfing the web goes. It’s abnormal to have to close a half dozen (or over a dozen) windows when leaving a website, and file transfers tend to complete instead of hoping no one messes with the phone line. Browsers rarely crash, and plugins from hell are mostly a relic today. But pretty much every freaking website puts up a hey pal, we’ve gotta mention these cookies notice, and far too many put up a near full screen pop up asking you to sign up for something.

I honestly have no idea why Don’t Copy That Floppy just started playing in my head.