Thoughts over cornbread prep

Psuedo-Random passing thoughts from mixing cornbread batter:

When you’ve got the cornmeal, flour, eggs, etc right there; or as close as a supermarket, making cornbread is really low effort. Like really, the biggest effort is to get the stuff out and ready before you start mixing. It also helps if you remember to start preheating the oven and the skillet before getting all the stuff ready.

Now if you had to grind your own corn, churn your own butter, or deal with your own chickens, and so on: maybe not so much.

The closest most people in the first world will likely ever experience to that is playing games like Minecraft.

Hmm, I wonder what our ancestors who lived off farms and mills, would think of Minecraft. Would they think it absurd given how much of that hunter-gathering-building their society was, or be equally addicted as us squishy happy go lucky descendants from the age of the supermarket be?

Yeah, I’m not inventing a time machine to find out.