So far I’ve been using an ESR for iPad Pro 11 Case with a surprising level of success. When I ordered it back in October, I found several similar ones, which likely means same thing from the same place with the branding of whoever is paying for the batch, lol.

Generally, I’ve tended to keep my devices naked. Tablets are already too damned hefty for my tastes, and most generic cases add considerable weight. First party ones tend to be ridiculously expensive, and likely due to litigation happy Apple, somewhat hamstrung into sucking.

Pretty much I wanted to solve two problems:

  1. Better protection at work, and some screen protection while its in my work bag.
  2. Be nice for writing position on my desk.
Most of the generic cases I’ve had for my Android tablets, failed because they’re too heavy once you make the generic adaptive frame and affix the cover. Most first party cases, traded cost for weight by using lighter plastics but suffered the same problem. It’s just the first party result was more like sewing pads together than a one piece plastic mold.
As someone who takes care of their overpriced electronics, my interested in cases tend to be less about drop protection and more about utility. If you’re going to toss a tablet out the back of a truck, or have risk of it being pierced by something dropped on the screen, by all means: get a highly protective case. I’d even recommend Otterbox for that.
But for me the protection factor is more like having my laptop and tablet in the same section of my bag, or my tablet laying on a work bench where things may get shuffled around a bit: but even a scratch or crack is like more a worse case scenario. I’ve only managed one damaged screen despite having used tablets since Honeycomb.
The trick that’s made this case sick are really down to the design. It’s magnetic connection allows it to be a very thin, lightweight case rather than one that tries to prevent catastrophe. Plus or makes our very easy to remove without scuffing or stressing the device, so when I want to use my iPad without the case: that’s so easy, I don’t worry.
Throw in how useful it is to have a kick stands like function along with the basic screen protection, and I’ve ended up sticking with it. By contrast, I don’t think I’ve ever managed to get more than a few weeks before discarding other cases I’ve had for past tablets.
The catch, I think has less to do with the cost of integrating sufficient magnets: and more to do with Apple’s inclination to sue the pants off other tablet vendors if they made the same style of folio case. Or least that’s been my feeling since Samsung almost nailed this problem with the Tab S2, but fell shy due to weight and using metal “Snaps” instead of magnets for attaching the case to the tablet. But that’s probably cheaper than dealing with their legal department, never mind actual circle jerking over the idea.
A notable side effect is for generic cheap ass cases like this, for most tablets you’re stuck adapting some kind of plastic frame or similar system. In the case of modern iPads, the magnet thing seems suitably generic amongst iPads at this point.