Well, aiming for a larger breakfast, and skipping lunch might not have been a great plan, but on the upside, I’ve gotten most of my planned chores done. I’ve also gotten to spend time catching up on my anime backlog, hehe.

While I find dealing with the house work tends to be an intersection of time, and gumption, it definitely helps to keep a running list of sorts. Less so because of directed acyclic graphs, and having to deal with floors drying or surfaces you’d have to reclean. More so because it allows compressing them into an effective block, and being able to decide, “Yes, if I just spend fifteen minutes or an hour on this stuff, I’ll be nearly done”.

‘Cuz often the time required is shorter than people think. What makes it such a messy business is falling dreadfully behind, or trying to tackle very large areas. My approach to household chores is probably lax, since I don’t actually like to clean in my rest-periods, but I tend to make it focused time. That is to say, not clean the place top to bottomus but rather snipe specific areas and carpet bomb regions, where a little focus leads to a lot of done. Versus the frakk that’s gonna take all weekend, problem.

Plus it’s kind of a given fact, that I am both lazy and nerdy.