When my opinion of the temperature drifts, I write it off as the season.

When I’ve had a headache most of the day, I blame it on skipping lunch to take care of house work.

When I get that sick-smell breathing through my nose despite a lack of nasal troubles, I wonder if I’m coming down with something.

Hopefully, just coincidence or related to how elevated my stress and exhaustion levels have been. Or dried out running the heat a little higher than normal. I don’t tend to get sick often, but I have to admit: it’s probably an ideal time for Murphy to throw that one.

Between work, and Misty, I’ve been far more exhausted and extra duper stressed the past month or so. Plus given the amount of trips to the vet that we’ve had, I’ve probably had a wider exposure to the peoply filled outside world than normal. I wouldn’t say that my cold resistance is at it’s highest levels right now, yet don’t really feel that bad (yet). Usually, I experience colds as more of a sudden slam than a gradual decent, like into madness.