An experiment in laz^H^H^Hstubbornness with clocks

Sometime after getting a smart phone in 2010, I eventually changed from having my 90 decibel alarm clock to having one of my always on devices handle the job. Today that equates to my tablet and a triple alarm system: one to make sure the other two wake me up, one to wake me up, and one to make sure I don’t go back to sleep. As a consequence for a very long time now: I’ve been down to just having to change my stove top clock, and the clock on my car head unit.

At the last time change I decided to skip updating the clock on top of the stove, and let it keep until today’s time change. Because I’m frakkin’ tired of setting clocks twice a year, even if I’m down to so few clocks.

The real question is whether or not my brain will quickly adjust to reading stove time as actual observed time, or continue to automatically subtract an hour. Yeah, fun.