Going with a dinner double feature of Olympus Has Fallen, and Angel Has Fallen was an interesting pair.

I remember watching the first film in the series on cable shortly after it came out, and finding it a nice action movie if a tad brutal. Give or take that a bunch of office workers who have barely played Halo or CoD, would probably make better cannon fodder for guarding the front door. But that was kind of the point I suppose.

Angel Has Fallen is a rather more varied film. Starting off with a return to its more Call of Duty generation like approach before descending into The Fugitive, and than back into straight up action. Somehow though, I find the best parts are about Mike and his dad.

‘Cuz if his dad had to be a crazy old man, at least he’s a rather handy, crazy old man. And the ending after the credits may have made me laugh quite a bit.