This is an interesting perspective IMHO. Even more so, as a Pro 11 user: who debates a larger model as an upgrade path in 3-5 years. The physical difference between the 11”, and my 9.7” Samsung isn’t big enough to really mind, but the 12.9” is rather heavier.

I kind of abuse my tablets enough that a larger screen is a plus. But my experiences with 12” tablets has mostly been phrased by too heavy, too expensive, and too big to be a main device. But that’s more to do with 16:10. When I saw the 11” and 12.9” models side by side, I kind of decided the aspect ratio made the two iPads close enough in physical screen size, not to care about the greater size, so much as the greater weight to heft.

For me, coming from a Galaxy Tab S3: I found the 11” Pro a pretty safe bet. Comparable enough in size and weight that it shouldn’t interfere with my couch surfing, or being my bench notebook. In practice the difference is minor, just large enough to make a keyboard case a more practical option than before. While still maintaining that near perfect size that 9.7” tablets achieved.

Having a SoC that should be suitable for about as long as the iOS updates keep coming, or until hardware makes a notable difference, I’m also quite thrilled by the lasting power being closer to my laptop’s life expectancy than my tablets. Well, give or take that my true reason for the hardware change was my Samsung’s screen getting cracked….lol.

Something I also like is Ali’s point about the Pro. Because to be honest, selecting the Pro for me, was more about not rewiring all my things from USB-C to Lightning than about the performance jump from an Air to a Pro. Let’s just say, I’m not interesting in the fruity connector instead of what the rest of the world is doing 😛.