It’s been so many weeks since I really got any rest at all, I think part of me began to forget just how amazing a restorative crash on /dev/couch could be.

It’s an experience less like dozing off, and more like being a sedated sloth until the batteries recharge a smidge. Sadly, I find my batteries recharge at a minuscule rate compared to my youth, but the effect is still pleasing. Or as I like to remember eventually one must have rest, or death like effects follow.
In my case, not only was a feast-sized meal followed by much crashing on the couch, but also some good viewing. Finished watching last night’s movie (The Patriot) while catching up on my reading. Then thoroughly crashed. For landing, I went with the Milim / Charybdis arc of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. TenSura is full of pleasing characters, Milim is one. I love that her personality is a very energetic and playful one, yet at > 10 x Rimuru’s strength, her punch packs a wallot fitting the title Demon Lord. And there’s also characters like Gobta, whose comic relief bounces between useless clown and champion hero.
I kind of like spirited characters who don’t align with obvious expectations :P.