Sometimes, I really have to wonder about my inability to stay up late.

On one hand it rather feels like payback for dipping both ends of the candle in napalm when I was younger. Yeah, staying up to 4~7 in the morning and being awake at 9~10 in the morning doesn’t happen anymore. At this point, I don’t even want to be that kind of exhausted.

On the other hand it’s probably due to my life being more orderly and organized at this point. When I was young, I basically had to study after everyone else was asleep, and pretty much everything was open to interruptions. Now things tend to occur around the same time frames, and interruptions are usually called e-mail or the like.

Actually, I kind of like order over chaos. And now my mind is remembering the base objective every mission in SWAT 3’s campaign: “To bring order to chaos.” On the positive side, today I actually had coffee ^_^.