Covid Will Have Larger Impact on Commercial Than Residential Real Estate, Says New York Architect

I’m kind of interested to see what new buildings will look like in a few decades, both given the pandemic and the rise of technology.
Can’t say I expect people’s homes to change too wildly. Apartment corridors, stairwells, and elevators might change a bit, but I expect most people will carry on and slowly adapt fancy technology as prices drop.
Public and professional spaces on the other hand are a bit different. Your home is mostly your own and people who frequently have half the neighborhood for guests aren’t the norm; for better or worse. But where you work, travel, and conduct necessary business and the trappings are able to change.
For some reason I find myself remembering the tag office where I used to live. We’d all be packed in line like sardines unless you hit just the right off peak. At that time renewing online, or going to a self service kiosk wasn’t a thing. Hell, their computers looked kike leftover 486 machines in the era of Pentiums.