The positive side of my day can be summarized as a series of meals, and dogs staring.

Having a coupon, I decided to splurge on breakfast from Burger King. It’s amazing how happy a little bit of hash brown will make a dog, lol.

Dinner was pasta, and I was much stared at. Sadly unlike breakfast there was no sharing.

Reactions to pasta didn’t stop Willow from being comfy but alert. Also helps that they got meat and gravy treaty goodness after dinner.

After a while, I wondered if Misty licking her chops was due to me thinking about cake, or it almost being time for her medication; which means peanut butter.

The decision to have some cake later lead to a hole being stared into my head.

Needless to say: I had to give everyone a dog treat to purchase some forgiveness, just to be sure I’m not found dead with teeth marks by morning.