Catching up on where I left off with Re:ZERO, the The Self-Proclaimed Knight and the Greatest Knight worked out as an excellent return point. Perfect for wrapping up the first season in the hopes of catching up to season two before it finishes.

While my opinion of Subaru is a bit mixed, the combination with Julius makes a fine battle against Sloth. Two people who hate each other greatly yet are friends enough to work together the way they do: it’s a superb kind of crazy for their personalities. I kind of felt like applauding Subaru’s crackpot plan for finishing Sloth, after how carefully and painfully orchestrated his campaign went.

Not to mention the aftermath with oh shit, magic stones and the big bad doesn’t want to stay dead. The final episode for season one: “That’s All This Story Is About” also rocks because that really is what it’s all about.

As a protagonist, I feel Natsuki Subaru somehow manages to channel both the worst and best qualities as the story evolves around him. Yes, sometimes you’ll want to throw a book at his head, and sometimes you’ll want to shout his awesomeness. It’s kind of amazing how one character can be both in one story.

But in the end, Subaru’s reason why is all that really matters 😀.