When I think back over the past fifteen years and the various systems I’ve used, I think a table of Bluetooth problems would look like this:

  • GNU/Linux on PC: 100% success, or no BT driver.
  • FreeBSD on PC: 100% success, or no BT driver.
  • Android on phone, tablet, television, and laptop: 90% success.
  • Windows NT on XP, 7, and 10: 25% success.
  • iOS on tablet: 100% success.
Actually, come to think of it, aside from the ruckus with Google changing BT stacks and a painful Nexus 7, I’m pretty sure the only operating systems that ever give me grief about Bluetooth are all ones baring the name NT!!!
I’d like to think it would suck less on a device with an integrated Wi-Fi/BT card. But applying USB BT to laptops and desktops has definitely been a painful experience over the past ~15 years.