Various thoughts I didn’t expect a decade ago

That my greatest joy for voice assistants would amount to “Open {show name} on {service name} on {device name}” as a way to power on my entertainment system, and being able to use Alexa to pause/unpause my video.

That I wouldn’t give a shit about privacy because the most eaves voice assistants may drop is me talking to the dogs 🤣.

That I would own an Apple product. Never mind two (not counting my iPad accessors).

That Microsoft would release an operating system that I actually like, but isn’t itself a Microsoft managed GNU/Linux distribution.

Google would piss me off so much.

That tablets would kill my use of laptops for uses that don’t involve editing code for several hours at a time. Thanks for that, Android.

That buying a voice powered smart plug would probably be worth it if I could say, “Alexa, turn on my desktop”. Yeah, might have to look into that one actually.

That I’d be thinking “Clap on, clap off” more instinctively than “Computer, lights!” when getting up in the middle of the night. But really, that’s a job for Alexa.

That my handwriting quality would be restored thanks to Samsung’s S-Pen.

That my relationship to files would become so abstract. I don’t often keep note files anymore, I have tools like Evernote and Nebo.

And probably a lot more, but updates are almost done installing and no one wants to hear about my taste in kitchen knives.