Things that make me mildly sad:

  • That when I got my first CD-Burner, CD-Rs were so expensive we could only do backups about once or twice a year.
  • I bought a spindle of like a 100 DVD-Rs less than a decade ago, and I may not be able to use them up before I did without stooping to using them for Frisbees and coasters.
  • How I rarely need to use CD-ROM or DVD-ROM but inevitably
    • Need CD at home because the drive won’t do a DVD, of course I only have DVD-Rs.
    • Need a DVD at work because the data won’t fit a CD, of course I only have CD-Rs.
  • That at this point the only reason to care how many discs I use (or waste) is the wear and tear on my BD burner.
To which I’ll add that time I saved $5 to $10 and got a CD-ROM only external drive instead of a DVD-ROM one was probably one of the dumbest ways I ever tried to save a few bucks 😜. The irksomeness of hauling it out of the closet aside, the USB enclosure my old Blu-ray drive has been in kind of…rocks.