On one hand, upgrading Rimiru’s OS to Windows 11 was fairly painless and seems to pass the core “Does my shit work” test. Certainly not the worst experience for upgrading a Microsoft OS ever to be had.

On the other hand, I can’t help but think a big margin of how much you love or hate the visual changes probably has to do with how tied to Windows 9x / NT you are versus having spent time off in the land of other operating systems. In a word, W11’s visual changes remind me of Android and iOS. Alternatively you might just be pissed off that people moved your buttons around, again.
Considering that I actually prefer these kind of OS over the traditional UI, I probably appreciate the fresh coat of paint to things like the Settings app more than most. But hey, I was greatly thrilled by the evolution of the W10 settings app over ye old Control Panel. So obviously I’m more in favor of modernization of the UI than hanging onto the 1990s.