Getting with the 21st century

Thanks to a bit of Christmas goodness and Microcenter having them 50% off, I finally got myself a NVMe style portable drive. A while ago, I had tried to find one that would have a slot for my lanyard and only could find expensive SanDisks that would meet that criterion. Thus, fire sale equal fire win.

Which gives me a superb replacement for my ruggedized USB-A hard drive. My old drive has served well, but it’s a spinning platter that I bought back in 2014. Making it about 8 years old. Getting USB-C and fancy speed is just a win. Since it includes a suitable C-to-C and a C-to-A adapter even my old development beast, Stark, can utilize it. I had figured the old drive would remain for his backups but probably not.
Rimuru’s 10 Gbit/s ports give me in the neighborhood of 860 MByte/s reads and writes. Rimuru and Stark’s 5 Gbit/s ports basically max out around 460 MByte/s.
Sorting through my usual backpack, I’ve decided while I’m retiring the ruggedized hard drive from my standard work and travel kit, my null modem cable is going with. As much use as I’ve gotten out of a serial cable in the past decade, I’ve also found it somewhat sad that I still carry a null modem cable…. lol.