For the most part, lately I tend to find myself in an often-tired state. Part of this, I reckon is simply how life is right now. Between work and home, I’m usually kept busy at both ends. I’m used to it being a busy season by now. Another part, I think is that spring just doesn’t tend to be a great time of year for me in practice. Most years, actually I’ve been kind of glad this time of year leans towards busy much stronger than idle.

Recently, I marked 6 years since ma passed away. Events like that seem to make up the lion share of events on my calendar for the early parts of the year, that don’t involve meetings and appointments. It kind of bugs me that that trend has only grown since I was a kid. In many cases, it’s the death of someone I care about or the birthday of someone I care about whose no longer alive. That sums up the key highlights of my personal calendar for early months of the year. But I also guess that comes with getting older.

My grandfather used to say, “Adapt!” My mother was fond of pointing out that most of the things her dad said were utter non-sense, but she also had a talent for re-iterating the ones that were wise. For me, adaption has usually equated to get things done whatever needs doing.

In the course of my life, I’ve learned that I probably adapt a bit quicker than most folks I know. For things that I can file under doing, that’s kind of easier. It’s a more mechanical type of processing that leaves you something to focus on, whether or not it pisses you off in the process. It’s the things that aren’t as focused that I find harder.

For life in general, well, I’m pretty sure if I pointed out the times that my family had to adapt growing up, my momma would have both slapped me in the head for implying that she hated change that strongly and have listened to my two cents that she did well at making the most of it. That’s just how life is. You adapt or you stagnate.

Over the past few years, I’ve felt that my life has been headed towards a different chapter.

Oddly, this reminds me I’ve got about 30 more years until my age hits the next power of two…. 🤣