Future Plans: Moving My Blog

Something that I’ve had in mind for a while since the end of Google Photos being such a nice free storage system, and again since there was no luck with HTTPS: migrating away from Blogger, again.

Details are still being planned, but I expect this to occur sometime in the near future. Accessing things by blog.spidey01.com or even spidey01.com, should continue to work (and gain HTTPS). Anyone using the raw blogspot address will probably not see a lot more posts once the transition point.

FeedBurner will probably get pointed at whatever the new feed source ends up, but left as is beyond that. But no idea how that will deal with the wider migration, and FeedBurner isn’t exactly known for a lack of bugs these days.

Why am I planning on migrating platforms? Well, it’s a fairly simple set of reasons:

  1. Lack of support.
    1. While Blogger was once one of the top blogging platforms, at this point I imagine that it only continues to exist because it would cause more trouble for Google’s own blogs to migrate somewhere else than maintaining the system.
    2. Google’s never been very forth coming with details here :P.
  2. Tablet experience
    1. I prefer share -> post to share -> copy -> switch apps -> goto web page -> create new post -> paste.
    2. Google has done such a fine job of maintaining their own app that it no longer exists.
    3. Likewise, APIs and things for third party clients are increasingly pissed on from what I can observe.
  3. HTTPS
    1. haven’t had any luck combining my custom domain with my taste in TLS, and I’m basically done dealing with what passes for Blogger’s documentation and UI :P.