A long overdue overhaul

For quite a while my technology has been migrating to USB-C, partly by the decision to favor this when replacing tech and partly by attrition. Didn’t really plan on my Kindle 10 dying but hey, replacing it meant one less odd ball.

Presently my Bluetooth headphones (MicroUSB-B) and my phone (Lightning) are the only things that remain in common use that lack USB-C/PD. Except for my security keys which are still type-A connectors there are dreadfully few important things still using the older port type. In recent years the last hold outs have either gained (Centauri->Rimuru) or gone pure (Stark->Shion) USB-C, and one of the reasons I keep USB-A connectivity around is my security keys.

Well, technically there is also a plant shaped lamp on my desk that charges its internal battery via MicroUSB. But honestly I bought that because I like the look of it, not because I use it as a desk lamp 🤪

At long last, I’ve decided on replacing my USB-A based security keys with new USB-C models. Again, one for keeping on my keychain and one for keeping in a safe location. For a while, I will likely retain the ‘A’ model on key ring along side its replacement. I expect that it will join its companion in a safe location soon enough.

Actually, as a side thought, perhaps I should retire them to a safe deposit box or a drill press once ‘fully’ retired from service.