Darn feet, constantly aiming for glass

Last week, I had managed to fumble in the dark and crack the shit out of one of my drinking glasses. Honestly, it kind of made me think if I was superstitious, I should just be glad that unexpected glass breakage tends to be considered more a good omen than a bad omen in many cultures, unlike mirrors. But I figured, odds are I’d still get a piece of glass stuck in my darn foot no matter how careful I am.

Of course, while making dinner tonight I ended up on a detour to the bathroom with a piece of glass stuck in my foot. Maybe 2 mm wide by 3 or 4 mm deep at the most. Something like that, just enough to stick in the outer flesh and cause a bit of bleeding as it scrapes against lower levels at a slant. What I classify as a flesh wound, or “It pisses me off but isn’t dangerously urgent”.

In retrospect, I’m glad that the old as what the heck decade is it from bottle of 70% isopropyl alcohol that’s almost empty, ended up left on my counter instead of being disposed of. I ended up needing to break out the container of hanging instruments and use a sterilized old push pin to pry it up far enough to grip it with the tweezers from my pocket knife. This is a ranked improvement over the last time, where the glass was stuck in my foot for a couple weeks before ‘falling out’ a few days before a doctor’s appointment. I’d much rather have success with the needle and tweezer approach, not that I’m fond of using a push pin because I have no idea where my sewing kit ended up, lol.