With a big gap between the beginning and the end of moving stuff, since transferring operations I’ve spent the nights camped out in my new bed room sleeping on the floor. All of the blankets turned into a sleeping mat and my woobie for a blanket. Kind of like how it was the first night where I grew up, how we spent the night on the floor because nothing was unpacked yet, except without a mattress and this was quite a bit longer than one night.

While I was surprised how little my back was bothered by sleeping on the floor, tonight now that I have my bed, I realize that I’ve missed it quite a bit. It’s not so much the floor itself as it is the getting up and down from it that’s exhausting. Ahh, that bliss of laying back and feeling an actual bed underneath!

In retrospect, given the tiny rooms I tended to have growing up, I kind of think if Japanese style futons were actually a thing in the west, I might have found that more pragmatic as a kid than an actual bed. Not that the dogs would have been happy without their favorite nappy spot, lol.

But in the world of having to get up in the middle of the night to go get a drink of water, take a leak, check a text message, and so on, it’s just easier for me not to sleep on the floor….

Hoozah for movers!