Fine print

In taking a gander at the fine print on my home insurance, I’m honestly not sure if it’s genius or horrifying, some of the details that have been encoded about the perils insured against and those excluded. In any case, I’m really glad it covers the things I’d be interested in, and that I didn’t grow up to be a claims agent or something like that because I’d go crazy Catch-22 style.

For example, if a passing drone was to malfunction and fire off an anti-tank missile at the dwelling, this should be covered in the sense of ‘Aircraft’ including both space craft and self propelled missiles and other text on the subject. But pretty much anything that can be construed as an act of war is not, so if it was an invading power or civil war instead of a accident the insurance company could say tough.

And then there’s the whole definition that the discharge of a nuclear weapon is excluded and even an accidental discharge of a nuke will be considered a war like act for insurance purposes. On one hand, I’m not sure you can blame folks for encoding that in a policy this side of the Cuban missile crisis but on the other hand, I kind of giggle snorted from the horror. But to be fair while “Explosions” are an insured against peril, a nuclear discharge may be a bit much. Also I’d like to think most people would have bigger problems in the event of such an incident than filing claims.

I can never tell if the world is better or worse off that I can’t doodle the strange and random funny junk that my mind can visualize…..