Plan of the day prepared for the week

After quite a bit of Battletech 2018 and a break in the middle to sweep and mop all the floors, I set to work on the next phase of things. Kind of funny, in that kitchen time is in my head, a break from sitting at my desk, but hey, BT has been consuming a lot of my gaming cycles this month, lol.

I had an idea last night about making a low carb tuna salad. It’s inspired by a cucumber and watermelon summer salad I encountered in an YouTube video. That is to say instead of macaroni style full of carbs or pickle style full of salt, it’s built around veggies. Details in footnote.

While blanching some carrots for the tuna salad, I broke down some broccoli and sliced additional carrots for later roasting for dinner and during the week. Aptly, by the time this was done it’s close enough to when I’d have to cook, I decided to stay downstairs and break out Shion to work on this journal entry.

Footnote: my tuna salad experiment

  1. Diced cucumber.
  2. Diced, blanched carrots (between 1:0.75 and 1:1 ratio /w cucu’)
    • Effectively, I quartered the cucumber and carrots and then cut them thin so the pieces are similar in size: slightly less area than a fingernail.
    • Raw carrots are hard as fuck, thus they need blanching or steaming. 4 minutes in a boiling water and then into a bath of ice water to chill.
  3. Sweet peppers, shredded
    • Already cleaned the cutting board when I did this and these are the seedless kind. So I simply snipped the ends, quarter, and then snipped my way lengthwise with a good kitchen scissors.
  4. Spring onions, chopped.
  5. Packet of tuna, 74g
    • 74g is about half a can.
    • Lower sodium light tuna, because I’m trying to cut down on salt for ye old blood pressure.
  6. Black pepper to taste
    • And sadly, I don’t have any garlic powder handy.
  7. Ranch dressing
    • I debated using oil/vinegar and opted to go with ranch.
    • I almost never have mayo, so most things people use mayo for I use ranch 😛