One of the past year’s many changes, has seen my shifting from my cast irons to a pair of slightly more conventional skillets. 10″ and 12″ CAROTEs with similar finish to the tamagoyaki pan I’ve enjoyed using, have quite literally become my goto cookware.

A funny side effect, oddly enough is that I’m more inclined to make a roux when it’s convenient. E.g., I might toss a batch of stir fry meat in the skillet, set aside, and then reach for the butter and flour. Combined with the greater use of beef stock in my cooking, this seems to make for a good sauce to cook some macaroni and accompaniments in, and then just reduce until delicious and saucy.

Working off the theory that the various non-stick skillets my mother favored lasted considerably past their recommended service lives, I figure however well the granite style coating lasts, I will have gotten my money’s worth many years before they need replacement. Plus, there is the benefit that when I really need a larger skillet, these fuckers are light enough to one hand the 12″ skillet just fine. As opposed to the hefty weight of the cast irons and risk of making like Barf with a flattened foot largely makes Monstro unwieldy as a 12″ skillet, even with two hands. I love the cast iron, but in practice Geppetto the 10″ is the largest cast-iron that’s practical. Which meant that as a side affect, many times I’ve ended up using my stainless steel pots where a skillet would be more convenient, because my favorite skillets are so damn heavy, lol.