I’m beginning to see how PHP and Javascript can have their uses…

I’m considering putting composer to work, I like vim for it’s speed and power, Kate for it’s omni-tasknisque nature (not so much for html in less you always use text browsers =P ). Composer and Nvu I like because I can quickly see things without having to alt-tab to my browser and refresh it. Yeah I can get lazy at times.

Been breaking in Seamonkey good and trying to get work done. I had very much fun joining my teammate Rasa in training with a few recruits. One or two people would hide in a room and play the part of X-Rays while the rest setup for entry. At first we used light clicks to simulate shooting but it was to hard to keep track of who shot at who and was to dark to see if any one surrendered. So I suggested we switch to gas masks and SA-200’s loaded up with Pavaballs. We really had allot of fun and I got to help Rasa. The two things the recruits seemed to have the most problem with was trying to get the flashbang in a sweet spot to cover their entry good and checking behind the door.

You see, #1 has to check behind the door if there is no imediate threat to the team because if theres a threat not clearly visable it might very well be behind the door waiting to kill your mates. Lazko was especially peppered for not checking behind doors. I hid near by the door in a crook between a freazer and a counter. They opened the door, chucked in a bang. Now of course being a simulation (SWAT 4) I wasn’t stunned with the door and a set of ear plugs between me and the NFD . I closed the door before they could get in, they popped it back open and rushed in not checking my hidy hole. I peppered the day lights out of them xD

Ahh, tomorrow I’m off well…. I’ve got training with Wiz, En4cer, and Blade but that should rock as long as my mom doesn’t crash it. So, theres no reason to get out of bed early other then to walk the dogs. I think I’ll hit the servers and start working on my room clearing (Swat4) or on toes tactical thinking (RvS).