Good training with the Wiz, Blade, the red rooster and some record setting attempts with Wiz, Rouge, and later Leon. About 1:30-2:10 we got on a dynamic hostage rescue. Usually one can do both hostages in about 5 minutes but we figured we’d waltz in 🙂

I love to try and beet speed records, I’ve always tried to be working at a bat out of heck speed in dynamic when ever it’s safe since my Recruit tryout. I had a great teacher, Relish. I learned that when the X-Rays know your coming and the hostages live is on the line. You go as fast as is safe, rapid movement, quick shooting, and short desisive violence of action. I’m sure the real world SAS could do it better but we tend to do things pretty well. I wish more teams online played with realistic tactics. In RvS, Coop is a joke on most servers. Generally on public servers people just puff a smoke grenade at the door, camp it and shoot the stupidfied tangos through smoke (Generic player). Totally unrealistic and the moronic way to lame your way through the game.

Smoke grenades are obscurents, not cover or room clearing aids. You puff a smoke to break line of site with the target and you usually don’t want to cross right behind it. Any machine gunner with a brain is gonna lite you up if you do. Our boys in Vietnam learned you don’t just smoke the street and run accross a killing zone.

A Flashbang is a less then lethel room clearing aid, it’s a stun grenade. It blows up with a intense light and a series of sharp “bangs” stunning and or disorienting people. You then poor into the room, size control and get away from the fatal funnel (the doorway) and along the walls for cover and set up the lines of fire to cover the entire room.

Some thing like this should work
| <<|
| |
| |
| b |
|^ ^ <<|
d = Door openning
b = Bang landed
^/< = Assualters

Basicly the idea is you cover the whole room, keeping to corners/walls and you _do not_ have any one standing in the line of fire of anothe teammate. As you can see in my little diagram 2 assualters have the 12 o’clock and the 4 o’clocks general directions covered, they are along the walls (but not touching) so they won’t get flanked and shot in the back.

Now of course in real life a flashbang will hurt you if it goes off to close, in Swat4 it’s able to setoff pipe bombs on a shelf if it hits but doesn’t really do any damage. In my work for a mod for the game a flashbang going off on you will hurt allot, but it won’t kill (generally) which adds a bit more realism. In our games as long as Me, Fury, and Glock are not tossing the grenade your safe enough. I guess it’s what I get for not liking base ball as a kid, my stingball grenades tend to bounce back at us. (even virtual ALSG101 stingers hurt).

I love our PC Games because it gives us a chance to use tactics, we don’t “Smoke and clear” we “Bang and Clear” as a standard entry in dynamic. We do of course use Breaching Charges, Frags, Gas and Shotgun breaches alone and in combination but getting it doen safly can be a challenge. In SWAT4, allot of times I see pub’s stack up and say “Oy, that one is probably gonna die when the door opens”. Oh well would be nice if they’d learn linear and Column stacks and how to safly stack up. As we always tell the recruits when their training to join the clan. “Stack on the side of the door that will not expose you to immediate return fire when the door is opened” we also use Linear stacks most times, every one in a single line. #1 goes in, #2 goes in, #3 goes in, #4 goes in e.t.c. The idea being you don’t get #1/#2 on the left, #3/#4 ont he right side of the door. And then have #1 going in the room with his pants down while #2 and #3 are jammed in the door, both trying to get in because of lag or one being to slow. You want to get in quickly and safly !!!

I’ve seen to many 5 man pile ups at the door with public players. Hahahha I remember once after me and a team mate we’re harping on not clogging the door. My teammate the point man went in, #3 jumped me (I was #2), and #4 was trying to push us through the darn door while #5 fiddled. #1 was alone in the room and got flanked & downed, I got in and moved out. My team mates did the same thing at the next door with me as #5 and I was the only one to survive and complete the mission. Now if only SWAT4 was like RvS where idiots get shot fast.