AAO 2.7 Released

Amercia’s Army Ops v2.7 has been released in two 1.6gb download parts. A number of bug fixes/revamped UI is expected (I’m looking forward to the situational awareness indicator). Revamped training mission, new vehicles/weapons including Up-Armoed Humvee’s, CROWS, AT4 and Javalin weapon systems. + 2 Coop missions.

I was hoping for a better show of Coop so [SAS] could day dream for a realistic game of AAO, but alas most AAO servers I’ve met team work in Vs. Play is only out of the hunt for more kills. (Boring). PErsonally I like a mission carried out in a realistic manor. I’d rather clear a hostage rescue map with 10 X-Rays then fight may way threw a fortress of 60 enemies.

Player Vs. Player can be fun but is rarly realistic, becahse no matter how much they reenforce realism in Advers gaming. Joe blow turkey can’t stand to play as a team and fight like a man if you paid him 2,000,000 points a second. Ever see bunny hoppers packing AT4’s or 30lbs packs? (playerswho jump up and down allot in CQB to avoid being shot=Bunny hopper) BF2 was kind enough to make it so they couldn’t shoot till they landed, but also made it so you can jump and chuck C4. (My favorite way of using it was to chuck it far over a wall onto an Op4 Pos). In AAO, we have side stepping. You engage a target and the side step to one side out of your LoF, they then side step back *accross your LoF* and magically evade more bullets when they just walked accross your 20 rounds of 5.56x45mm. I was trained you have no where to go, bastardo is shooting at you and your on the run. You move as fast as possible *ahead* of their line of fire. A very fast moving threat at short range can be hard to keep targeted if they are ahread of your LoF, I should know I’ve done enough Infighting in my time as a MechWarrior (although I was mostly a Sniper or Recon/Harasser pilot). It’s also very effective in RvS when you get in a really bad situation or just want to have fun with the instant 1 shot one kill ghost tangos !