Well I think it’s about 0300 hard to tell since I’ve been toying with my laptops time systems hehe. I’ve been working on a little gizmo to try and auto-create a PBI so far it’s going well. I need to sort out how to setup the scripts used for installing the PBI. At the most basic level it shouldn’t be that hard but I’m faced with a few design desisons.

Should I keep it to a srictly functionally terse or opt for an easier UI. Really I care more for solid implementations then flashy stuff. A few things I need to get done is making short work of the and PBI.RemoveScript.Sh files auto-generation. I’m not sure what to put in it really. I know I want to prepair the pkg_add and the binaries in it before offering a direct edit. A quick way to add “events” per say, i.e. an easy way of setting up dialog/kdialogs for use would be nice but that can wait awhile lol. If Kris Moore can anwser me how to tell in the script is running in text mode or normal (gui) mode. I could setup dialogs for PBI Text installs and kdialogs for normal click-n-run style.

I’ve got the code working to get basic libraries auto-populated but theres no support for auto-magic setup with GTK+ P.I.T.A. PBI Libbing yet and I need to start the code to quickly run each binary through it. I’m hoping to deside more on the UI before thats totally finished. I may be a newbie but I’m trying to keep each section very self contained and a good managible size as much as I can. I remember reading through some source code files a few K lines of C Code long and getting tired of reading after the first thousand or so lines. So I kinda learned keep it tight when ever I can. I’ve not figured out how to “create” the PBI yet. If possible I’d rather like to bypass PBI Creator all together and see if theres any way to manually setup stuff on the K-Menu e.t.c. Has to be some way since PBI do it as they are.

I remember there was a thing posted on how to make a PBI file for GNU/Linux so I’ll take a look at that when I have it ready to “build” some thing. I’m sure if I worked out how to create a PBC file ether using the Build-A-Function called pipes, filters and redirection or perl/ruby I could make it wrap around PBICreators CLI mode but .. Dunno yet.

What I want this to be, is a simple way to get started building the PBI. I’m not yet desided weather to have the port build from within the program or for a simpler design make one have to do a make package first or not. I also need to test to see how much find, copy, link would be the normal neccessity to setup after the package. Such as prepairing the manpages/configdir stuff. I’m not usre how to work out nabbing the man pages since they could be near any where depending on the app and won’t always be limited to the binaries names.

Really I don’t think I’ve had this much fun in a good while.